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Ocusell and SourceRE Announce Add/Edit Integration and Business Rules Partnership

By Bill Fowler | April 11, 2024

Denver - Ocusell™ and SourceRE have developed an integration that allows Ocusell’s listing input software to write listing data into SourceRE MLS databases. This provides MLSs partnered with Ocusell the ability to immediately establish their own SourceRE database. In addition, MLSs with a SourceRE database will have the option to add Ocusell as an “input of choice” provider that can be utilized within any front-end.


The companies have also formed a partnership where SourceRE will leverage Rulesetta Stone™ (Ocusell’s proprietary business rules engine) to power rule validation in its other Add/Edit integrations. This significantly reduces the level of effort for MLS software providers to deliver Add/Edit integrations, giving MLS and Association executives leverage to ask for front-end of choice implementations.


“This integration is yet another big step forward for MLSs and their subscribers,

facilitating their ability to innovate and provide value.” said Hayden Rieveschl, CEO of



“Our singular focus at SourceRE will always be MLS data independence, so I’m thrilled to be able to partner with Ocusell. Not only have they built a complimentary and critically important data flow system, but they also align with us in our dedication to the MLS as core to the industry,” said Bill Fowler, President of SourceRE.


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