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About Us

SourceRE fundamentally shifts who controls the MLS Database. For the first time, it’s the MLS.

Founded on Experience and Integrity

SourceRE was founded by a group of experienced, highly-respected professionals on the principle that despite a changing landscape, MLS should remain the foundation of the real estate industry. SourceRE clients can find comfort in this experience and sincere dedication to a common set of values.

Founded on Experience and Integrity

A Modern.tech Subsidiary

Modern.tech stands at the forefront of industry consulting and software development services, trusted by top MLSs and PropTech companies. Through multiple MLS strategic planning engagements, Modern.tech identified SourceRE as a powerful solution to secure and enhance the MLS value proposition.

A Modern.tech Subsidiary

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Modern.tech software products have serviced over 1 million agents and their clients.


MLS Data Feeds

Modern.tech has worked with top MLSs and with every type of MLS data feed.


RESO Certifications

Modern.tech has built APIs certified in Web API Core, Data Dictionary, and Add/Edit.

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